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The Chinese Air Traffic Management Equipment Market Presents Great Opportunities

Air Traffic Management Equipment Market


China is a fast-growing market for air traffic control equipment. Over the past decade,
the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China (CAAC) has spent approximately
$1 billion on air traffic management (ATM) infrastructure improvements, and is expected
to spend another $1.2 billion on ATM equipment through 2015. The majority of this
equipment will be imported, as locally manufactured ATM equipment is not yet able to
match foreign quality.

The CAAC Air Traffic Management Bureau's (ATMB) goal over the next ten years is to
improve facilities in the east and mid-west of the country, with plans for a comprehensive
data network, new automation-center systems, ground-air voice/data communications,
and new radar systems. China also plans to introduce ground-to-air communications and
automatic dependent surveillance services for international and polar routes in the west.

Best Prospects/Services

In their efforts to upgrade current ATM facilities in China, ATMB is focusing on the
following sectors that should serve as excellent opportunities for American companies
with experience and expertise in airborne and ground support equipment:

* Establish VHF communication, navigation, and secondary surveillance radar
systems. ATMB plans to install about 40 radar systems from Beijing to
Guangzhou, its busiest route, and another 170 units of VHF VOR/DME systems
along air routes and at airports.
* Upgrade and automate control centers to establish radar control in Eastern and
Central China.
* Improve ground-air communication facilities and Automatic Dependent
Surveillance (ADS) of international and polar routes in Western China to increase
ATM communication and control capacity in this area.
* Establish a civil aviation ATM comprehensive data communication network and
comprehensive information system to meet increased demand from airlines.


In the next 10 years, China will see strong growth in its number of flights, airports, and
air routes. This surging demand plus close cooperation with the Federal Aviation
Administration (FAA) will greatly boost required investment in China's ATM system
and provide numerous opportunities for U.S. ATM exporters.

In recent years China's air traffic volume has increased between 8-10% annually and is
expected to grow 10-15% per year over the next ten years. In 2005, there were 2.3
million total flights, an increase of 55% over a five-year period. At present, landings and
take-offs from airports along the Beijing-Guangzhou route account for over 76% of
domestic flights. In the future, the country will also face increasing air traffic congestion
in central and western China.

To handle this increase, China has invested extensively in its ATM system over the last
few years, installing 31 primary radars, 52 secondary radars, more than 1,000 Very High
Frequency (VHF) communications systems, over 160 Omnidirectional Range and
Distance Measurement Systems (VOR/DMEs), and more than 140 Instrument Landing
Systems (ILS). Expansion of airport infrastructure will continue with 40 airports slated
for construction or upgrade by 2010, which will bring the total number of airports to 187.
To manage this growth, CAAC will reorganize the current airspace structure, reducing
the total number of area control centers from 27 to five by 2010. In reorganizing the
current structure, CAAC will construct two new regional control centers, while upgrading
the remaining three in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, which now handle over 70%
of China's air traffic. The existing ATC system for the Beijing-Guangzhou route has
already been upgraded and preparation work has started on the Beijing-Shanghai and
Shanghai-Guangzhou routes to implement radar control procedures.

As China will emphasize flight safety and service quality, the CAAC is working closely
with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to ensure the safe handling of increased
air traffic during the 2008 Olympics. CAAC also has ongoing initiatives under the
China-Boeing Joint Air Traffic Services program, which provides training programs and
seminars for CAAC personnel covering a wide spectrum of air traffic issues.

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