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The Chinese Safety and Security Market Presents Great Opportunities

Safety and Security Market


China's safety and security market demand is growing rapidly. The market has expanded
from its traditional base in the financial, insurance, custom, police, airport and IT sectors
to the construction, transportation, and education fields. In 2003, the Chinese safety and
security equipment market was US$7 billion. Industry experts estimate that by 2020
China's safety and security market will reach US$30 billion. From September 11, 2001
through 2004, the Chinese government has invested US$130 million to cope with
antiterrorism security issues, many involving air travel.

With 108 new airports to be constructed in the next five years, airport security has
become a critical safety issue for the Chinese government. Increasing tourism and a rise
in air cargo volume will also necessitate an upgrade of security technology at existing
major airports to improve safety and efficiency.

Best Prospects/Services

Much of the safety and security demand will focus on high-tech equipment, such as
digital technology, entrance guard communication systems, network technology for
inspection control systems, and warning systems.

* Inspection control systems: This has been a high-growth area in recent years
and remains very competitive. Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, JVC, and Sanyo
occupy a majority of the market share in China's high-grade inspection control

* Entrance guard communication systems: China's domestic enterprises occupy
the majority share in the entrance guard systems sector, and foreign enterprises,
such as US companies BII and HID, UK company TDSI, and Israeli company

DDS, occupy the majority share of communication systems market.

* Warning systems: There is major demand for intelligent airport systems. Foreign
companies dominate the market for high-grade products, leading the trend
towards integrated safety and security systems.

* Detection Equipment: As China's domestic manufacturers lack capacity to
produce enough equipment, foreign products in this field are in high demand.

* Fire Protection Equipment: Domestic competition in this sector is strong. All
imported equipment must first obtain safety certification from the China Fire

In the next five years, China will invest US$150 million in security infrastructure for new
and existing airports.

Beijing's new airport is currently under construction, with investment of US$30 million
for security equipment alone. Fire protection equipment, X-ray scanners, metal detectors,
portable detectors, and other

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